Animal Protection Center Has A Fall Packed With Events For Animal Lovers

The Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts in Brockton has planned a fall a calendar with events for every type of animal lover; and all benefit the shelter and it’s animals!

CatThe season kicks off with a Paint Nite on August 28 at Barrett’s Ale House and will feature a cat-themed painting. Tickets are $45 plus whatever food or drinks you like and $15 of each ticket goes to the shelter.






21432699_10154893497347548_3299785639331198360_nThen, On September 8 & 9 visit our 2-Day Yard and Bake Sale. The parking lot and inside of the shelter will be full of everything you can imagine: books, holiday items, pet items, clothing, furniture, electronics, children’s and baby toys and gear. The bake sale will also be featuring it’s famous selection of breads, cookies, cakes, pies, and more. The event is completely volunteer organized and operated!


59Paws In The Park will be on September 15, the Saturday following the Yard Sale. The day kicks off with a gentle 1 mile dog walk and then continues with vendors, activities like fall children’s crafts and face painting, demonstrations, and food! Dog Olympics are at noon and all pups are welcome to compete for a $20 Pet Smart gift card in categories like Best Trick, Best Kiss, and Best Costume! The celebration is free to attend but it’s $20 to walk with pre-registration ($25 at the door) with all profits again going to the shelter.



Queen Lily 2017.jpgOctober continues the fun with the Second Annual Dogtoberfest on the 20th! Enjoy craft beers, live music, and vote in the contest to determine which of our available shelter dogs will be crowned King or Queen of Dogtoberfest! Tickets are available online!





Pet CPR.jpgOn Sunday, November 18 the shelter is hosting a Pet Emergency First Aid And CPR Class from 1-4pm. Learn how to treat emergencies like a wild animal encounter, accidental poisoning, or seizure and to stabilize your pet until you can get to a vet. Canine and feline CPR will also be taught. You’ll leave the class with a certificate good for 2 years issued by PawsNClaws911.


holiday 4Finally, on December 1 you can bring your pets (and the whole family) to the shelter to Meet Sandy Claws! Santa, er, Sandy, will be at the shelter taking photos with pets and people alike all day with the help of professional photographer Melody Henkel.



You can see details and registration options for all of these events on the Animal Protection Center’s website at www.apcsm.org. In each case not only will people be having fun but they will be helping the shelter at the same time!

The APCSM is an open admission animal care and adoption facility, with focus on prevention of cruelty to animals, education and outreach, low-cost spay/neuter programs and helping animals and people in the community. With the help of volunteers, community members, and sponsors the shelter has helped thousands of animals find their forever homes.


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Meet Lorna!


Lorna is a 5 year old female pitbull mix.  She is around 45lbs.  Lorna came to the shelter when her family didn’t have time to meet her activity level, which is high.  Lorna loves to run, fetch, jump, and then flop over into an exhausted pile to nap.  She really shines when someone takes her to the agility yard to play!  Check out her sit/shake!

Lorna would do best in a home without cats (she chased the cat sin her previous home) or small children (she tends to jump on people when she gets excited and we don’t want her to accidentally tip a child over).  She could go home with another dog and if you would like to arrange a meet and greet we can set that up here at the shelter for you!

Lorna’s adoption fee is $325 and that comes with all of her basic vaccines (rabies, etc.), 1 month of flea and tick preventative as well as one month of heart-worm preventative, her microchip, and spayed.  We do require that all persons living in her potential new home meet her before the adoption is finalized.



Meet Puzzle: A Special Needs Kitten


Puzzle is a very special kitten who is in a foster home with the APCSM.  He is NOT available for adoption yet.  Puzzle has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or CH, which he was born with and will have for the rest of his life.  Cats with CH have an underdeveloped cerebellum which affects their motor skills and balance, earning cats with this condition the fond nickname: wobbly cats.

Wobbly cats often move as though they’ve had one to many catnips, a sort of drunken sailor movement characterized by a wide stance and frequent stumbles.  Depending on the severity of the condition there may be head tremors occasionally or often and the cat may flip or flop to get where he wants to go.  It’s important to know that the cat is NOT in any pain.  This is just his normal. Puzzle’s case is fairly mild but still immediately apparent to anyone who sees him move.  Frankly, we think he’s adorable!

Anecdotally people often report that wobbly cats are especially friendly and trusting as well. We see 2-3 cats with CH come into the shelter over the course of a year and they are always delightfully sweet.  Maybe it’s because they rely more on their humans than a typical cat or maybe it’s just their nature to see the world in a good light but Puzzle is surely an example of a kitten who loves people and the world around him.

We’re betting that once people see Puzzle there may be some interest in learning about adopting him or other wobbly cats.  Keep reading for some FAQ’s and important information on what you need to know before bringing a little wobble into your life.

  1. Is this going to get better as he gets older? Worse?

Nope and nope. This is how he was born and it will never change either for the better or the worse.  Remember, this is part of his brain that didn’t fully develop in utero, essentially a brain formation issue.  His brain isn’t going to change at this point so neither is the condition.  Puzzle is in no pain and if he could talk he would tell you that he believes he is a perfectly normal cat. He also has a normal cat life-span, so his adoptive family will be committing to him for 10-15 years at least.

  1. Does he take any medicines or have any extra vet bills?

Nope and maybe. There are no medicines or procedures needed for wobbly cats, remember he’s not sick.  CH isn’t a disease, it’s just the way he was born.  That being said, wobbly cats are just as curious and interested in their surroundings as non-CH cats so there is the potential for them to take some impressive falls and stumbles as they move around their world.  Just about every wobbly cat family has a story of when their cat fell off something and had to go to the vet to be checked out.  Your vet may also want to see a wobbly cat for visits more frequently, just to make sure everyhing is OK.

  1. How is life with a wobbly cat different from life with a non-CH cat?

Every CH cat is different so let’s stick to life with Puzzle for this one, i.e. a cat with mild CH. Puzzle stumbles through life everywhere, and that means he’s going to get messier than a non-CH cat.  He’ll occasionally fall over in his litter box or into his food and need a bath.  He’s also not going to be able to master those graceful leaps most cats make so he’s going to become an expert climber as he gets older. You’ll do him a big favor by not clipping his claws too short.  Carpet is going to be a lot easier for him to navigate than slippery hardwood (think traction) so he might prefer to stay on carpeted parts of the house and if you have a multi-story home you may end up putting a baby gate on the stairs to keep him from trying to climb up.  He can and will climb to a second floor, but he may also tumble off the stairs on the way up and hurt himself.  If you’re interested in adopting Puzzle or any other wobbly cat the staff have a number of tips and tricks that can help you accommodate him and we’re happy to share those with you.

  1. If I want to adopt a CH cat are there any special requirements?

There aren’t special requirements, but we do want to make sure you know what’s involved.  For example, CH isn’t contagious, so a wobbly cat can live safely and happily with other animals. However, you may want to keep an eye on them as they get to know each other so that they don’t accidently play too roughly with each other.  As another example we’ll want to make sure you understand that Puzzle, like all wobbly cats, must be an indoor only cat.

Like all kittens, Puzzle needs to meet a weight requirement before we can make him available for adoption and that is still several weeks away.  However, if you are interested in learning more about Puzzle you can call email the shelter at info@apcsm.org and we’ll get back to you.


Adoption Fee Reduced For Senior Cats

Senior cats are often undervalued as pets.  They are quieter and more mellow than younger cats and kittens, appreciate the comfort of a soft lap, and are often already trained to stay off of counters and not scratch furniture.

Senior kitties are often overlooked in favor of playful kittens but they are diamonds in the rough.  For that reason we are reducing the adoption fee for all of our cats over 10 years old to $50.  We’re hoping this will encourage people to come in and get to know these wonderful senior animals.

collage for seniors