Looking For Some Inspiration For Your Walk Team? Get a Mascot!

Ok, so you love helping animals and having fun with your friends so naturally you want to form a walk team.  You also love fundraising……well, maybe not so much love….in fact if you had some inspiration to share with your friends it would be a lot easier to ask them to support your walk, and more fun.  We have the answer….a mascot!  

Getting a mascot for your walk team is easy.  Send us an email telling us what sort of mascot you’re looking for (senior dog, a fluffy cat, a bunny or other small animal, even a Life Is Precious alumni) and we’ll send you a photo and name of one of the animals here at the shelter right now.  You can ask people to sponsor your walk in honor of your mascot.  If…no when they get adopted we’ll send you the update and you can either continue raising funds in celebration of your mascot or we’ll give you a new one!

Mascots are first come, first served (we’re looking at you everyone who wants Ivan the blind kitten) so start that walk team today and send us an email asking for your mascot!

Ivan is a blind kitten waiting for his forever home at the APCSM.

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