Tips for Keeping your Elderly Dog Healthy

This week we have a special guest contributor to our blog: Matt Barnette

Matt is a dog enthusiast and blogger. When he’s not working on the Dog Dojo, you can find him exploring the mountains and country with his 3 dogs.   He’s written a great post for us today on caring for an elderly dog.  I really enjoyed it and we hope you do too!!

Tips for Keeping your Elderly Dog Healthy


Anybody who owns a dog knows how much responsibility it is and how attached you can get. Once you adopt a dog, you will discover all the little quirks and personality traits, including loyalty.

Loyalty is one of the leading reasons why dogs remain one of the best pets and companions. Over time, our bond with our dog grows and soon enough if hard to picture life without them.

The unfortunate reality of dog ownership is dog’s age a lot faster than us. Although aging doesn’t mean the end of your adventure with your furry friends, it does mean there are a new set of responsibilities. While human beings can take care of themselves, our dogs need us to ensure they are getting the proper care.

It’s crucial for us to take certain health steps to make our dog’s senior years more enjoyable, and even extend their life. Take a look at the following tips to help you keep your elderly dog healthy and active for as long as it lives:

Visits to the Vet:

Scheduling regular checkups for your pup is an easy step to stay on top of your senior dog’s health. Unlike man, dogs don’t have an idea of what is happening to their system. They need regular checkups from their doctors that will help determine their physical and mental health.

Every 6 months, or as recommended by a vet to get a complete picture of your dog’s health to ensure that they are not sick. Animal physicians will help in determining the mobility of your dog.

Specialized Diets:

As dogs age, their diet starts to become more tricky. While some dogs may become less mobile and gain weight, some elderly dogs may have issues keeping weight on. After you have consulted a vet about your dog’s weight, start giving it specialized diets for dogs their age.

Carefully take note of everything that your pet consumes, since it can affect its health later on. Avoid feeding your dog junk food, and aim to keep all their food healthy. Taking special care of elderly dogs helps them to remain immune to many diseases that aged canines face. Moreover, a healthy diet for your dog will help it stay at a healthy weight and may even increase a few years of its life.


It is important to groom your pups from time to time for sanitary purposes, and also for the dog’s general wellbeing. When your dog is groomed, the professionals focus on its skin and fur.

Any wounds that may be present are revealed and can be treated immediately. As dogs age, their skin tends to soften, which is why they will scratch themselves, which can lead to infections or other skin issues. Grooming your pups will help them to avoid different bacterial infections and stay strong.

Oral Care:

Most people do not take their dog’s oral health very seriously. This mistake can lead to several diseases in your canine’s mouth.

Make it a habit of brushing your dog’s teeth often to help achieve oral health. If your dog does not appreciate the idea of its teeth being brushed, then use different dental toys that can help clean its mouth. Take your dog to a dental vet and discuss how you can take care of its oral hygiene to help prevent mouth ulcers and other diseases.

Special Accommodations:

To keep your dog physically fit, you will need to take care of its various needs according to its health. For instance, if your dog has joint problems, then avoid stairs or long walks, for it can be excruciating for your dog. Similarly, provide bedding that will allow the most comfort for your dog, and give it your full attention it if it’s sick and needs rest.

Treat your pet as you would your child to ensure a healthy and painless recovery. Receiving affection is one of the fastest treatments for your elderly dog.

Dogs give us their whole lives and give us complete and unconditional companionship. It’s our job as owners to help them with their health and wellbeing, to ensure their senior years are comfortable and pain free.

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