Chihuahua found trapped in carrier in driveway dies of heat stroke

We’re devastated to report that yesterday afternoon a young chihuahua was abandoned on a stretch of the shelter’s driveway out of our sight. Unfortunately, by the time shelter staff found the dog it was suffering from severe heatstroke and despite taking emergency measures it died at the veterinarian’s office a few minutes later.

The APCSM is an independent, open admission animal shelter, that often partners with the MSPCA, Animal Rescue League, and other shelters in Massachusetts as part of its mission.  Director Kim Heise reached out to the MSPCA Law Enforcement department for help apprehending the perpetrator of this crime after Joyce Caranci, manager of the Brockton-based shelter, found the carrier with the dog inside yesterday morning at 8:10 a.m.  The carrier had been left about halfway up the shelter’s driveway.

“When I found her she was already unconscious and was foaming at the mouth, but she was breathing faintly and I felt a heartbeat, so I immediately brought her to the Lloyd Animal Medical Center in Stoughton, but she died on the way,” said Caranci.

The dog’s temperature registered 110 degrees—the highest reading the thermometer could register—and about 9 degrees higher than standard canine body temperature.

The dog is a Chihuahua mix, approximately one-year-old, and is brown and white.  The dog wore no identification tags, nor was she microchipped.  The plastic carrier in which she was trapped was tan on top and dark gray on the bottom.  There were no labels or other identifiers on the carrier.

To help find the person who abandoned the little chihuahua we’ve reached out to the MSPCA’s Law Enforcement department and they have graciously offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. Thank you to our friends at the MSPCA for their support and we pray for a swift arrest.

MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer Nadya Branca is leading the investigation.  “This is a shocking instance of animal cruelty in which a young dog suffered an agonizing and totally preventable death—and we’re asking for the public’s help in bringing whoever is responsible for this to justice,” she said.

Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible are urged to call the MSPCA’s toll-free Law Enforcement line at 800-628-5808.  The $1,000 reward will be given to anyone who brings forth information that leads to a conviction.

Animal cruelty is a felony crime in Massachusetts punishable by up to seven years in state prison and a fine of up to $5,000.


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