Coco Kitten and Diva Cat Need Your Help

coco2This is Kim K at the shelter. The past 2 weeks have been really difficult in terms of animals with emergency medical needs. Last Thursday we took in Coco the kitten, whose family had been trying to treat a severly infected eye but surrendered her to us when it got to be too much for them and their young children to bear. Then Diva’s spay incision got infected and required emergency surgery. She had a drain put in and is on a lot of meds. Both cats are at the shelter being treated now but the bills are hovering near 3K just for the past 2 weeks and we are a bit strapped. Can you help?
Diva.jpgDiva’s bill is $2,500 and we thing the worst is past for her but Coco is a different story. The antibiotics don’t seem to be helping – the picture is of her after a week of treatment – and she has an appointment today to determine what to do next. Whatever it is one thing’s for certain, we’re not giving up on her.
Every little bit helps and if everyone can pitch in just a little we’re confident that we can get these 2 kitties healthy and home.
Thanks everybody, we’re super grateful for all you do!

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  1. It looks like her eye needs to be removed for relief and no infections… A cat will do fine with one eye … right ? and she will feel so much better…

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