Spring Photos With Smalls Help Our Littles Get Adopted

You don’t have to adopt one to help them get more visibility and help them practice socializing with people!

You don’t have to have a small animal as a pet to participate in our Spring Photos With Smalls, just a fondness for them.  When you arrive you’ll be able to pick who from among our photoshoot “stars” you want to take your photo with.  Then you’ll be able to pet and socialize with your new friend while our professional photographer takes a great keepsake spring photo.  The digital copy is professionally edited and emailed right to you to print and send out as often as you like.

Not only do these photos help us raise some “lettuce” for our small animals at the shelter but they also help raise awareness for the small animals we have here available for adoption.  Someone may see your photo and say, “Hey, I’ve been looking for a guinea pig just like that!”

It also helps our littles, who spend much of their day in spacious but quiet cages, socialize with humans and get even more used to being handled.  Then, when a potential adopter comes to the shelter they will meet a friendly, snuggly bunny who’s used to people instead of a shy one who might not present as well.

So think about stopping by for a Spring Photo With Smalls on March 23rd, we’re “hopping” you will!



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