Animal Protection Center Discovers Rare Breeds Among Surrendered Cats

Everyone thought 14 year old Chloe was a standard Calico but testing recently revealed her to be an Egyptian Sandbox Cat!

Recently a generous donor gifted the Animal Protection Center with several animal DNA kits in an attempt to help some of our harder to adopt cats find homes.  The donor’s thought was that knowing something about the breeds of the cats might entice enthusiasts to adopt.  The shelter was shocked to discover however, that several rare breeds were among the current residents of the shelter!  

“We were expecting to get a couple of Maine Coon mixes and we are pretty sure one was a Snowshoe Siamese type of breed,” says Executive director Kim Heise, “We weren’t expecting what we got though. Not at all.”

Among shelter resident cats tested were a Pygmy Lion, an Egyptian Sandbox Cat, and a Wakandan Micro-Panther.  Heise explained that one of these in particular was the most exciting. “We were especially excited about the Micro-Panther because one hasn’t been confirmed in captivity since 1968 and they were suspected to be extinct. However, it turns out some guy in Oakland was hobby breeding them and passed them down to all of his family members across the country.  Over time the story got lost and they were mistaken for regular black housecats, but the DNA test proves that they are actually very special.”

To see a full list of our adoptable cats and learn what rare breeds are currently available at the shelter please click the link below.

Rare Breeds At The APCSM

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