Working Cats Program

Do you have a barn, garage, brewery, shop or other business that could use a cat or two to help control pests? You just might be able to save a cat’s life in the process!

Most of the cats waiting for homes at the shelter are looking for indoor homes as companions for their new people. However, we also often have cats brought to us who are not suited to that life but are just as deserving of a second chance- these are cats that may be:

  • Cats who are not well-socialized with people.
  • Cats who have lived outdoors previously and aren’t adjusting to indoor life.
  • Cats with litterbox habits that result in them being unable to live in a home
  • “High arousal” cats who need more action and adventure to be happy.

They are in need of loving caretakers who will give them a job- they’ll be happy to help control your rodent population in exchange for shelter, food and water, and long term veterinary care. 

Cats adopted through our Working Cat Program will be spayed/neutered and given vaccinations. If you’d like to save a cat by giving them a job, please email us at