Cat Portal Campaign

Sponsor a cat portal

Help a shelter cat have a better stay while waiting for their forever home!


Shot and edited by Seth Benoit

Did you know that each cat in a shelter should have at least 8.5 square feet of floor space? This reduces their stress, making them less likely to get ill, which in turn means happier cats and a shorter length of stay in the shelter! There’s an easy way you can help us get one step closer to that using the enclosures we already have here at APCSM!

By installing “cat portals,” we can double the size of our cats’ housing! Cat portals are special plastic doorways that connect two cages – a doorway can be drilled between existing cages, and the portals allow cats to move from one side to the other. 

Each portal costs $70.00 and can be installed by staff (with the help of some borrowed equipment). Portals have many benefits – they allow cats more room to move, they make cleaning much less stressful for both staff/volunteers and cats alike, and they allow litter boxes to be located away from the feeding area.

If you’d like to sponsor a portal, you can donate online through the link above, mail or bring in a contribution:
Animal Protection Center of Southeastern MA
1300 West Elm Street Ext.
Brockton, MA 02301
Or call: 508.586.2053

Thank you for your support and we look forward to updating with our progress on this project!

For more information on improving lives of cats: