Fostering At The APCSM

The shelter is actively seeking to expand it’s fostering program and to do that we need a special type of volunteer.  Fostering is a program where the shelter places an animal in a temporary home rather than keeping it here at the shelter.  A foster situation can last from a few weeks to months and each situation has different needs.

If you think that fostering an animal might be right for you we want to talk with you. There’s an application, sure, but even more importantly there’s a conversation.  We want to work with you to find the right fostering fit, help connect you with the type of animal that matches up with the foster parent you want to be and the commitment that you can make.  We believe that the better informed a potential foster parent is the better the chances are that both the human and the animals will have a positive experience.

To Learn More about the foster program at the APCSM click here.