Having A Pet Drive – Resources and Materials

We often get requests from parents, schoolteachers, and scouting and youth sports leaders asking how they and their children can help the shelter. Unfortunately we cannot accept volunteers under 18 but holding a pet drive is a great way to bring a group, team, or family together while helping us care for animals looking for their forever homes. Pet drives help us keep our most needed items in stock at the shelter while also allowing our youngest animal lovers to be helpers in the community.

How To Hold a Pet Drive

The Materials You May Need

  1. Pick a Day/Time/Place to hold your pet drive. Any way you want to do it is fine. We have seen school groups that use their lunch room or library and collect on one specific day, church groups that do a collection on a Sunday at their coffee hour, even businesses that put a bin in their showroom or store or a month. Last year Silko Honda did a “Stuff A Trunk” event for the shelter right in their showroom with one of their cars. Really, whatever works best for your group is the right answer!
  2. Get your materials ready. Below you’ll see a handy list of printables including a Pet Drive Poster, a Kitten-drive specific poster, and a wish list of our most needed items. You can print as many of these as you like to have on hand, pass out, or post in your neighborhood, school, or church (just get the right permissions!). If you decide that you want a collection box having your group wrap one in paper or draw/color pets and animals on the outside of one is another great way to get them involved.
  3. Spread the word! Put up the flyers and posters, ask your school or church to make an announcement, and see if there’s a news blast you can get the information into. Something like this works great: We’re collecting needed items for the Animal Protection Center, an open admission animal shelter in Brockton, MA. We are especially looking for pet items like non-clumping clay cat litter, both wet and dry cat and dog food, pet toys, timothy hay for small animals, and clean sheets and towels. You can then customize the details of your drive at the end. Things like where, when, and how to give.
  4. Don’t Forget Social Media! You can start a Facebook Fundraiser to collect money for the shelter or direct your friends and family to our Amazon Wish List, where they can buy items and have them shipped directly to us. Don’t forget to share and tag to our Facebook page so we can help you spread the word!
  5. Schedule your delivery. Again, this part is completely up to you. Would you like to come and deliver your items to the shelter as part of a tour for your group? We can do that! Do you just want a simple drop off with no fanfare? Okey Dokie.
  6. Say Thank You! Post photos on your social media of the delivery or thank your supporters with a printable page below where they can write their name and you can post it up somewhere near your collection box.


APCSM General Pet Drive Poster

Kitten Specific Poster

Thank You Printable – General – There is space at the bottom to write a personal note to your donors!

Thank You Printable – Kitten Specific

Our Full Wish List

The Links You May Need

Our Amazon Wish List

Our Facebook Page