APCSM Alumni Association

The APCSM has adopted out literally hundreds of animals since its formation in 2009 and our staff and volunteers have loved every one of them! That’s why we take such joy in getting updates from our alumni families and post them here for everyone to see!

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Alumni Success Stories

Floyd“Hurricane” Floyd

My wife and I adopted Floyd the cat during your recent yard sale etc.
Floyd has been nicknamed HURRICANE by us and please know we love him so much.
Floyd has torn up all of his toys, still plays a bit rough with me but not my wife..go figure.
He races around the room, charges up the love seat and stops to play with my wife’s hair.
He has taken over one end of our sofa, don’t sit there or face the wrath of Hurricane Floyd.

Floyd has to check out what it is we are eating, and stays for a short time to make sure your eating it.
I enjoy iced coffee, and Floyd believes that the straw is his, and has a collection of 4 at the moment.
He thinks all flat surfaces are “his”, and proceeds to clear off all tables and any other flat surface.
No one told us we would have to CHILD PROOF our home for the cat.

He went out for the first time the other day, walked behind my air conditioning unit when that came on
and scared him. Have you ever seen a cat jump six feet of more straight up and hit the ground running?

Thank you for providing a wonderful animal that I am sure will give us many years of comfort and joy.  -Richard


Maximus (Jiggy)

It is hard to believe that it will be a year this month since we adopted Maximus (previous name Jiggy ). He has adapted very well and is a love bug. He loves treats and having his chin scratched. Couldn’t imagine our home without him.  -Suzanne


About a month ago our fur baby Dakota (black and white lab/pitbull mix ~3 years old) entered our lives. We know at least twice in her life she was in and out of APCSM. Thank you for taking such good care of her until she finally arrived at her forever home! Love, Maretta, Carlos, & Dakota

RaidenBenjen (Raiden)

Benjen (the pup artist formerly known as Raiden) joined our home from the shelter one month ago. Jojen needed a brother 😃
What an amazing amount of joy we have all experienced ❤️❤️ thank you APCSM Brockton for making their lives better and ours too ❤️❤️



Max and JaxMax

Remember this little guy? His name was Max but we changed it to Jax.

We adopted him in August and brought him home to New Hampshire. He has just finished his first class series and starts his level two class this weekend.

I have also added a picture of him on a walk with our golden retriever Deuce.. They are the best of buddies and get along great together!