In Memorium

We know pets are family so we want to offer a place for our APCSM alumni to be remembered.  If you’d like to add your photo and remembrance to this page click here.  There is no gift required to add a pet to the memorial page.




“Our lovely Gaston passed away on September 18th. he was surrounded by his family.  We love and miss him a lot. On Today we sold Lemonade and books in Gaston’s memory to raise money for the other animals. . We hope to adopt again in the future. ”



Oscar benefited from Life Is Precious as the APCSM got him into therapy at Animotion and got him his wheelchair so he could finally run again (after only being able to drag himself around).  He would also go to work with me and Willow (my other dog adopted from APCSM in 2006 when it was the MSPCA). Miss him so much – he was an amazing pup!

Memorial Giving

A memorial gift can be a special way to honor a beloved pet by helping other animals in need.  Your gift will go directly to the APCSM where we will use it to help find loving homes for our resident pets in need. Click Here for more information.