Surrendering An Animal

The Animal Protection Center is an open admission adoption facility that accepts cats, dogs, and small animals for surrender (guinea pigs, bunnies, ferrets, birds, chinchillas, hedgehogs, etc).  If you need to surrender an animal to us for adoption we ask that you call us during shelter hours to schedule an appointment.  We schedule surrenders Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1-4pm.  The surrender appointment takes  approximately 20-30 minutes.  We ask that you bring the name of the veterinarian you use as well as any veterinary records that you have for the animal being surrendered.

When you arrive we will ask you to fill out a personality profile for the animal.  This will help us place the animal in a new home faster and more successfully.  If the animal has any special medical equipment or medications please bring those with you.   We ask but do not require a $50 donation at the time of surrender in order to help us offset the cost of care for the animal during their stay.


Have other questions?  Call us during our open hours and we’ll be happy to help you!