Agility For Fun

Agility for Fun

Next 6 Week Session is Planned to Begin

August 4, 2018 Weather Permitting

The APCSM encourages agility for nearly any breed of dog over a year old. Agility provides fun and exercise and once you and your dog are taught the basic skills and as you both become familiar with the activities, your dog will instinctively want to perform. You will be placed in a class that is most suitable for your dog’s experience level and your ability to control your dog as determined by the trainer.

There will be a maximum of three experienced classes and one beginner class. There will be a minimum of 5 committed students to hold a class and a maximum of 8 students per class. Classes will be filled on a first come/committed basis. To be considered committed, a registration form must be filled out, signed and emailed to The payment must also be made to be considered committed. You can pay by cash, check made out to the APCSM or charged at the front desk at the APCSM 1300 West Elm Street Extension, Brockton where the classes are held. Charges can be made over the phone. Whatever method used, clearly indicate your payment is for Agility. Please inform Tony Bilotta by email immediately after you submit the payment in order to be added to a roster on the first come basis criteria. More details for payment are outlined in the Class Guidelines that can be sent to you by email on request.

The Beginner class is an introduction to the basics. This is where the dogs and handlers learn the terminology and experience movements through the obstacles. Beginners should plan to attend every class in order to keep every beginner student at the same learning pace.

The cost is $100 for one dog or $90 each for more than one

dog you own in the same 6 week session. 100% goes to the shelter.


  • Minimum of 1 year old (breeds with max adult weight of 20lbs may begin at 11 mos.)

  • Have their basic required shots

  • Not negatively reactive to other dogs and people

  • Obedience trained and socialized with dogs and people outside of their own home

  • Ideally, controllable in off-leash activities


  • Buckle collar or suitable harness (prefer leash attaches at the top)

  • Chain, Prong, Gentle Leader, Halti collars not recommended while running through obstacles

  • Use a light weight 4 to 6 foot training leash

  • The most enticing small treats from your dog’s point of view or “the” favorite small toy

Classes are scheduled for Saturdays with experienced classes at 10 AM, 11 AM, and 12:15 PM. If there are three experienced classes, the Beginner class will start at 1:30 PM. If there are two experienced classes, the Beginner class will start at 12:30 PM. You will be informed of your class time during the week of July 16th. The first weather related cancelation per session will be made up the following Saturday. Subsequent weather cancelations will be made up the next day, Sunday.

If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions please contact Tony Bilotta by e-mail at

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