Group Visits and Tours

We love having groups visit to learn more about the animals and what we do to help them on their journey home.  Donations are always accepted and many groups find that having a pet food drive, bake sale, or even bringing a can of food helps members connect with the shelter when they visit.

Shelter Visits: $50 for every 10 participants

We offer tours and program to:

  • Scout groups
  • School groups
  • Day programs
  • And more!

Shelter visits are offered:

  • Saturdays & Sundays from 11am-noon
  • Mondays & Wednesdays from noon-1pm

They include a tour of the cat lounge, cat room, dog room, and smalls area with opportunities to pet and interact with friendly cats and small animals (guinea pigs, bunnies, etc) as well as the opportunity to make an enrichment toy for a cat or small animal.  Groups will also learn about how to care for each of the animals we meet including what they eat, how they communicate with body language and sounds, how they play, and more.

To request a shelter visit please click here

On Site Visits: $100

We also do on site program visits for assisted living facilities, businesses, residential communities, pre-schools, and others.  When we do a site visit we will bring at least one animal for the group to interact with as well as the materials to make an enrichment toy.  These visits are scheduled in advance by emailing Kim Kokkotos.