Program and Event Building

Do you have a special skill or talent?  Perhaps you work somewhere that you think woudl make a great partner for the shelter? We have great program and event building volunteers who use their talents, passions, and professional skills to do just that!  For example:

  • Kendra, a certified yoga instructor will be teaching cat yoga (Meow-ga) this January
  • Lindsay, a Reiki therapist comes in once a week  and helps relax animals stressed by shelter life.
  • Tony, an agility instructor, teaches agility for fun courses thtroughout the year.
  • Tens of volunteers bake for our famous APCSM bake sale the second weekend of every month.
  • The children’s librarians at Whitman and Holbrook public library partnered to bring Pages With Pets, a summer reading program for children and animals to the shelter.
  • Melody, a professional animal photographer, shoots beautiful photos of our available animals each week to help them get adopted by putting their best face forward.
  • DJ Spencer for hire donates his mad skills to provide music for several events throughout the year.

And many more!  If you have an idea for how to use your passion to help animals we want to hear from you.  Click here!