The 2019 Alumni Calendar Photo Contest!

The Alumni Calendar Photo Contest is one of the most fun and popular events we do each year and really, why wouldn’t it be? Our proud pet parents get the opportunity to show off their furry family members happy and successful in their forever homes while raising funds for sick and injured animals who are still at the shelter and in medical need.  Last year the Animal Protection Center spent over $35,000 in on medical needs for our animals and just in the first three months of 2018 we’ve helped these ones below:


Boo was found as a stray; underweight and with a severe skin condition affecting his whole body.  The Life Is Precious fund has for veterinary care, medicated baths and skin creams to make him comfortable as he heals, and antibiotic to treat the problem.  He is currently available for adoption at the shelter.




Audrey was surrendered heavily pregnant and with a badly infected ear.  Our Life Is Precious fund paid for the procedure to clean and sew up the infected area and the antibiotics and medications to heal it.  Audrey gave birth to 5 healthy babies and she went to her forever home with one of them.  Her ear is healing well though it may never look as pretty as it once did.




Harley was brought in by Brockton Animal Control after she was hit by a car.  Her front leg was very badly damaged and the veterinarian made the difficult decision to amputate.  The Life is Precious fund paid for the amputation, the drainage and medical care while she recovered with a very special foster family, and her follow up treatment and pain medication.  She was adopted and is currently with her forever family!



So are you ready to help more animals like these and make your pet a calendar girl or boy?  Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Go to the photo contest page and upload your pet’s picture.
Step 2: Share out your pet’s page link with your friends and ask them to “vote” for your pet.  To make it easier you can even copy & paste the text below:
“I’ve entered my pet into the 2019 calendar contest to raise funds for the Animal Protection Center’s emergency medical fund, Life Is Precious.  Can you visit my page at ____insert your page link_____ and vote for us!  You can see the animals that this fund helps on their event page, we hope you’ll help us win!”
Step 3: Every $1 donated = 1 vote and all proceeds go to the Life Is Precious Fund so keep sharing until your pet is in the top 13!
The contest ends at 8pm on May 19.

The top winner will earn the calendar cover spot with the next 12 top winners earning the monthly page.

Winners will also receive a free photo shoot with Melody Henkel Fine Pet Photography as well as a free 8×10 photo and one free calendar.