Valentine’s Day Chocolate Roses

pink rose1Valentines Day Milk Chocolate Roses

When we asked some of our resident guest animals what they thought people should give each other for Valentine’s Day the conversation went something like this:

ScuttleScuttle: Snuggles are the best gifts!

WinstonWinston: Walks and Runs!

TroyTroy: No, flowers!

JimJim: Carrots!!

ScuttleScuttle: …

WinstonWinston: …

TroyTroy: ….I could get behind that…

WWinstoninston: …Or…Treats!

All the animals: Yeah!  Treats!!

TroyTroy: What about treats AND flowers!

ScuttleScuttle: What about treats that ARE flowers!

WinstonWinston: Then we can go for walks afterwards!

ScuttleScuttle: And have snuggles!

JimJim: And eat carrots!

ScuttleScuttle: …

WinstonWinston: …

TroyTroy: ….I could get behind that…

And that’s how the animals decided to offer a Valentine’s Day chocolate rose as a thank-you gift for every $5 donation to the Life Is Precious Fund.

You will receive a foil wrapped chocolate rose for every $5 donation to LIP you make via this button.  You can order 1 or a dozen!  Your gift also comes with a special card telling your sweetheart that their rose helped the homeless animals of the APCSM!

The roses will be available for pick up only on:

Saturday, February 9 & Sunday February 10: Noon-4pm

Tuesday, February 12, 1-6pm 

pink rose1

Quantities are limited so Order Today!